Another disturbing measles occurance pops up from young person who had been to Edmonton

There are some health officials from Alberta who are currently sending out warnings to the public of Canada that there is potentially a serious case of measles exposure occurring at the moment following another case that popped up recently in a young child that had just been traveling to Edmonton. This is currently the second situation like this occurring in only so many days apart from each other. The disease is actually considered to be highly contagious and is quit a concern for other members of the public and for people living in and around that area as well.

However, it’s also important to realize that this particular child is from an asian nation who had traveled firstly from there to Vancouver and then onto Edmonton in Canada. This was all according to the reporting of a senior and well respected health reporter who goes by the name of Marcia Johnston.
What’s really scary about this situation is the people on board the flight that was also carrying this infected child. This actual flight number was the plane that was Air Canada and it was actually flight number AC 248 which left Vancouver around 830 and then arrived at its mentioned destination at around an hour later at 2135. People aboard that plane may also have been infected and to get it checked out as soon as they can.

Individuals aboard the international section of the airport at between 2135 and two in the morning of the day could also be at an increased risk of getting this disease.

People who had never had the problem or who had never received the vaccination that can actually ward it off could be at the very greatest risk of all of them. This particular individuals should stay alert to whether they have any possible symptoms or changes in their body and the way they are feeling at present. The main tell tale sort of signs of this problem include coughing, having a runny nose, red eyes or both of these symptoms put together. Other symptoms can also be having a fever or in other words a body temperature that can be measured by thermometer as being 38.3 or above that. People with measles will also experience redness, blotchy spots and a rash on the skin. This usually comes up on the skin around about 3-7 days following the initial fever that occurs. The rash or blotches will typically appear around the back of the ears as well as being on the face and can then go down the body and over to the leg area as well as the persons arms too. If you think you may have contracted this concerning problem please contact the health link over in the town of Alberta prior to considering going to a health clinic itself. This needs to be treated in isolation from other public health issues.

This problem or strain of measles is described as very contagious indeed
The spokes woman who got up and talked about the problem to the media also said that she was not able to talk about any information related to the condition and status of the young child who has the problem right at the moment. She also could not elaborate whether it is a canadian citizen or someone from another country.

She added that this particular child didn’t actually need to go to a hospital and had been recovering in the home of her family.

There hadn’t been any reports of anyone either on the flight or at the airport of the international terminal having reported any similar health issues either.

Families of five stabbing victims band together ‘as one’

There are five families of the five young people who were stabbed dead in Calgary this week who are banding together as one to help each other get through this very sad time. They hope it will assist them through the grieving process especially at a time when it is so raw.

This week the police down in Calgary together with the families have pleaded with the media and the public to respect the privacy and the difficulty they must be experiencing right now. The main message here is to respect their space and treat the situation with dignity and respect. They really do need the time and space to be able to send off their loved children.

Through out the week there is expected to be a series of funerals as well as visits leading up to the funeral proceedings as well. These processions will be a relaxed, quiet affair down at one of the local primary aged schools in the area. The location is down at north western Calgary. They will commence on Saturday and keep on going over the proceedings of the following week to come.
Who is Matthew De Grood the alleged killer?

It is said that the young boy who stabbed the teens goes by the name of dr Grood. He is alleged and is going to appear before a jury for allegedly stabbing them to death. To add to the tragedy of the event, he is the son of a local police officer who is well respeced as well. Not too long after the killings had taken place, De Grood was charged by police for 5 separate instances of murder in the first degree.

The families of the victims are thankful to local people of Calgary for their kind words
During the week the families gave a public statement together. In it they were very thankful to the people of the local town there who have been very supportive in sending many kind words of condolence for the tragedy. There have also been a whole variety of funds, scholar ships and bursary collecions set up to support them too. In their statement they acknowledged the great support they were feeling within the community around them. They also requested some space and time to grieve too.
What of the accused?

De Grood is currently being held at a psychological hospital in a locked and secure situation. Although an assessment of his mental state has not yet taken place it has been scheduled to occur soon. The prosecution has been clear that it is to take place as soon as is practicable for the proceedings to get under way. He is actually meant to appear before the court next coming Tuesday.
Leading up to the stabbings there were a bunch of sms text messaging going on from the accused phone. His mother seemed to be in a distressed state in one of her messages as well.
De Grood known to the party by some

Cops have recently come out in statements as saying that the accused was known to a few and one in particular at the party who was actually a family friend of De Grood. However, not many others at the events seemed to know who he was. The person with whom he was connected had been known to him for a very long long time.

According to the police, he had taken an ‘instrument’ or a knife from his work at Safeway to the party. He actually had this thing with him while the party was going on. however, people who know a fair bit about the case say that he obtained the main weapon he used from inside the home. To date, unfortunately, there are just so many unanswered questions surrounding this brutal and tragic event.
Some of the individuals close to the investigative side of the issue have come out as saying that he was actually invited to the party. Further to this, no one including himself had previously been known to the police at all.

Another issue affecting the proceedings and equally as sad and tragic is that the accused’s father is actually a high ranking officer in the local police force in the city. Given this, an outside panel has been brought in from near by Edmonton to deal with the prosecution. It’s hoped that this will encourage a fair investigation and trial.